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Steffany’s photo shoot at Paradise Lagoons

First thing on Wednesday morning, the 16th of November 2016, I went to catch two horses from the paddock and lead them in to get ready. I trimmed their manes and gave them a good wash and brush to make them look pretty and shiny for our photo shoot in the afternoon.

Steffany first came to Paradise Lagoons for work experience for school and she must have liked it, because she kept coming back. She has worked with us here at Paradise Lagoons in her school holidays and has always been great help and good company. On weekends she would come to Campdrafts with Tom and help him with horses whilst competing herself on Super Knight. Super Knight was a present that Tom gave to Steff after last year’s Campdraft. Tireless, she took 2 weeks off from school to help us prepare and get ready for the 5 big days here at Paradise Lagoons. Tom thanked her by giving her one of the Acton horses, which she has ridden and loved for years before.

Steffany by the lagoon                                       Steffany and Super Knight by the Lagoon at Paradise Lagoons

Now Steff graduated from High School -unreal how time flies- and therefore came down on Wednesday to have a Formal Photo Shoot by the Lagoon. The photos were taken by Emma Doran from Mouse Moment Photography and she most definitely did a great job. Big thanks go out to Bill Matton, her boss, who was so nice to give her the afternoon off to be able to do this shoot.

We asked Steff a couple of questions about her shoot and this is what she answered:

Why did you decide to have your photos taken here?

Paradise lagoons is one of my favourite places to be around, it's just so beautiful and relaxing. I always knew I would have my formal photos there. The atmosphere is just so beautiful.

Which is your favourite spot at Paradise Lagoons and why?

Just like right along the bank of the lagoon, it's really green and lush. The waters just looks so calm and blue.

Did you consider other places to have your photo shoot and if yes why?

No I didn't. I knew straight away, because I really like the lagoon.

Do you have a personal connection to this property?

I guess yes, probably because when I go there I see my horse and I always feel happier and it's just so beautiful out there.

Steffany with the tractor at Paradise Lagoons

Who are the other participants in your photo shoot?

My boyfriend Jordan, my mum Annette, my dad Daniel, my sister Latisha and my brother Jeremy.

Steffany and her partner with the horses                          Steffany and family by the lagoon

What are your plans for the future now after graduation from school?

Relax and do nothing for 2 weeks, haha :)

Steffany, we wish you all the very best for your future and the exciting times lying ahead of you. We hope to keep in touch and to see you often enough again here at Paradise Lagoons.



If you are interested in having some photos taken in our beautiful country setting, please get in touch. We can provide a beautiful background, nice scenery, horses if wish and will be happy to help you find a photographer as well.


Phone: 0473 499 006


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